Wortley Road Heavy Goods Vehicle Restrictions

The proposed changes

Clean Air Map

There are three areas we are currently consulting on proposed restrictions:

  • A629 Wortley Road
  • Kimberworth Road area
  • Psalters Lane area
  • Droppingwell Road and Farm View Road area

A629 Wortley RoadClean Air Map 2

The proposals apply to heavy goods vehicles travelling northbound along the A629 Wortley Road between the A6109 Wilton Gardens and Bradgate Lane. HGV traffic bound for Junction 35 will follow the A6109 to Junction 34. This is the existing advised route for goods vehicles.

Goods vehicles travelling along the A629 towards Rotherham are not restricted.

Access to the petrol filling station will be permitted from Rhymers Roundabout. The restriction will apply from the filling station. This includes Access to other premises between the filling station and Bradgate Lane. Access to these premises will be from the northwest.

In the event of an unplanned closure to the M1, the restriction will be suspended. This suspension will be indicated to drivers by variable message signs on the M1. This applies only to the Wortley Rd Restriction.

Kimberworth Road Area

The proposals here restrict all heavy goods traffic, except for those loading or making deliveries to addresses within the restriction. This restriction, and the associated exemption, covers:

  • Kimberworth Road
  • Wilton Ct
  • Cross Street
  • Charnwood Grove
  • Ferham Close
  • Clara Place

Psalters Lane Area

The proposals here amend the existing heavy goods vehicle restriction. This narrows the exemption to permit access for loading only. This permits heavy goods vehicles to enter the area to deliver or collect goods only.

The existing exemption allows access to Heavy Good Vehicles for any purpose. This includes personal visits. Through traffic is still restricted.

This restriction, and the associated exemption, covers:

  • Psalters Lane
  • Regent Street
  • Cross Street
  • Meadowbank Close
  • Upper Clara Street
  • Claremont Street

Clean Air Map 3

Droppingwell Road and Farm View Road Area

The proposals here restrict all heavy goods traffic through the area except for deliveries and collections.

The restriction will not prevent access to Droppingwell Tip. The exemption will not apply to vehicles servicing the tip. The proposal means that all heavy goods vehicle traffic to access the tip the tip to do so from the Wortley Road.

This restriction, and the associated exemption, covers:

  • Droppingwell Road, between the Football Club and Baring Rd
  • Farm View Road
  • Grange View Cresent
  • Grange View Road
  • Hill View east
  • Well View Road
  • Farm View Close
  • Carr View Road
  • Keppel View Road
  • Hill View Road
  • Webster Crescent
  • Webster Close
  • Watson Glen

There is an existing restriction on Meadowhall Road. This remains unchanged.

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