Apply for rehousing on medical grounds

You may qualify for medical priority housing if you have a physical disability or care and support needs

It can take up to eight weeks for us to make a decision on your application.

You must have a local connection to Rotherham. Without this you are not eligible for the housing register.

Medical priority will only be awarded if your condition is long term or permanent. Your housing situation must also aggravate the medical condition or prevents improvement.

Conditions that do not qualify for medical priority

  • Minor asthma – where specialist property is not required
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress due to harassment or noisy neighbours
  • Stress due to divorce or death of family member or relative
  • Stress due to fear of crime or burglary
  • Stress due to environmental or social decline in an area
  • Overcrowding
  • Condensation or dampness in property – where need can be met from general housing stock
  • Moves to provide or receive care and support that are under three miles
  • Financial reasons
  • Homelessness, unless there is an existing medical condition
  • Property or garden too large to manage due to age

Apply for rehousing