Report a problem with a property or empty home

Bringing empty homes back into use

There are two types of empty homes, transitional and non-transitional.

Transitional empty homes tend to be brought back into use quickly through either sale or being let. As these properties tend not to cause problems the Council has no intention or need to get involved.

Non-transitional empty homes on the other hand, are properties which have stood empty for several months or years and show little to no prospect of being brought back into use without some form of intervention. The Council recognises that these properties can cause blight, as such our intention is to help bring them back into occupation to help make our neighbourhoods cleaner, greener and safer.

In addition, we aim to bring empty properties back into use by providing empty homeowners with information, advice, and assistance.

The Council also aims to:

  • Support community groups who are seeking advice to bring empty properties in their local areas back into use
  • Explore opportunities and encourage investment from public and private funders
  • Tighten up on enforcement practices to bring empty properties back into use

If you wish to report an empty property that is not secure, has rubbish piling up or is making the area unattractive, then contact the Council’ s Empty Homes Officer by completing the online form.

Empty Homes Plan

The Rotherham Empty Homes Plan sets out a number of ways in which the Council will support and encourage homeowners to bring empty properties back into use whilst working to reduce the number of long-term empty properties, which cause blight in our neighbourhoods.

See the Empty Homes Plan