Clean Air Rotherham

Why Air Quality is an Issue

Air pollution is linked with cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. New research also suggests that people who live in areas with high levels of pollution may be more at risk of developing dementia.

Air quality is believed to contribute to as many as 100 deaths each year in Rotherham and affects the quality of life for people across the Borough. An Air Quality Health Inequalities Impact Assessment for the Council found levels of ambient air pollution which are likely to negatively impact on health outcomes in Rotherham.

Poor air quality is caused by many factors but by far the largest contributor is road transport, this is the case for many towns and cities across the UK. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and invisible particles from exhaust fumes, tyres and brakes are present in the air we breathe and contribute to poor air quality.

All vehicles cause some pollution, including those with low emissions, but those that run on diesel fuel and older vehicles are the biggest source of NO2.