Clean Air Rotherham

About the Clean Air Rotherham

In July 2017 the Government announced its first National Air Quality Plan. Based on national modelling, the plan requires Rotherham and Sheffield to work together to reduce levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Council has been taking steps to improve air quality in Rotherham for many years with sustainable travel initiatives, the planned introduction of electric vehicle charging points, and traffic management zones.

However, even with these efforts, a number of locations within Rotherham still have high levels of harmful Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Rotherham Council and Sheffield City Council (SCC) have been working together to develop proposals for improving air quality.

A study has been carried out to assess air quality across Rotherham and Sheffield, to identify any key locations where air quality is above the statutory limits and to identify and assess what actions could improve air quality at these locations.

The consultation for Bellows Road Bus Priority Improvement is now closed, and we are reviewing the feedback received.

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