Household Waste Recycling Centres: Terms and conditions

Vehicle Permit Terms and Conditions

  1. Permits may only be used to dispose of your own household waste. No commercial, industrial or building waste is allowed.
  2. A permit book allows the holder to make up to six visits per year to a designated household waste recycling centre (HWRC).
  3. Permits will only be issued to Rotherham residents for their own domestic waste.
  4. The permit holder must be the registered keeper of the authorised vehicle.
  5. The complete permit book must be presented to the site attendants on each visit for verification (the vehicle must match the vehicle details on the permit book) and the required number of permits will be removed and retained by the site attendants.
  6. A household may only hold one permit book at a time in respect of one vehicle.
  7. Permit books are not transferable. If you change address or vehicle please contact the Council to update your permit.
  8. When requesting a permit book a legally bound disclaimer will be signed by the applicant as to the terms and conditions of its use.
  9. The issuing of a permit book does not allow the disposal of unlimited quantities of construction/demolition waste. This includes waste produced by work such as house alteration or reconstruction. We advise the use of a skip for this type of waste.
  10. Permits will not be issued for any vehicle which is either registered to a business, sign written, hired, registered to an address outside of the borough or where the applicant owns an alternative vehicle not requiring an access permit.
  11. If any of your details change you must inform the Council and return your permit book for amendment. It is not acceptable to amend the permit book yourself. Defacing or amending the permit book will invalidate it.
  12. If the permit book is lost, a replacement may be issued at the Council’s discretion. The number of permits in the book may be reduced to account for any tickets used to date.
  13. A permit provides permission to enter the designated HWRC only and is not a permit to deposit any type or quantity of waste which will still be subject to the Council’s Waste Acceptance Policy.
  14. Users of the HWRC must separate waste for recycling into the appropriate containers.
  15. Depending on the frequency of visits and/or the nature of the waste you may be asked to complete a trade waste disclaimer to confirm that the waste is your own household waste and is not being disposed of for profit.
  16. Waste will be checked upon arrival and the site attendants have the right to refuse anyone suspected of bringing commercial, industrial or building waste to site.
  17. The Council may record details relating to your visit including the type of waste you are disposing of. These details may be used for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime.
  18. The Council reserves the right to investigate any suspected breach of these terms and conditions. Details may be passed on to the relevant enforcement officers and/or third parties in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  19. The Council reserves the right to withdraw individual permit books in cases of misuse and abuse by the holder.
  20. The Council reserves the right to amend the operation of the HWRC permit scheme at any time.