Tree maintenance

Reporting an issue with a tree

Please report a tree that is dangerous or causing problems if:

  • It is dead. This will be apparent if it has not grown any leaves by the end of the summer. Please be aware that some trees do not grow leaves until late into the spring so it is better to wait till late summer time before reporting a tree that you suspect may have died
  • If it has a branch or branches that have broken off but are still hanging up in the tree
  • It is obstructing the highway (i.e. it has shed a branch into the road)
  • It has a defect such as a crack or split or if it has a fungus growing on it
  • The tree has fallen
  • The tree looks to have recently moved (i.e. is now leaning over more than it used to)

You can report an issue with a tree via our online form.

Report a problem with a tree

Report a problem with a hedge overhanging a road, pavement or footpath

If you are concerned that a tree needs pruning because it is touching or damaging overhead wires, you should contact BT (Openreach).

Contact BT (Openreach)