Childminder Support

Childminders can access support from their allocated Childcare Officer. The support package includes ongoing telephone and email support and Childminder EYFS Evaluations (Part A & B) to determine the level of Local Authority support required. However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic all visits and support for the foreseeable future will be from a distance using technology i.e. telephone, video call or email.

Each Childminder will be given an outcome to support with future planning and support will be allocated based on the agreed RAG rating. Understandably during the Covid-19 pandemic Childminders have had to make adaptations to practice and guidance in some areas has been relaxed and this will be taken into account depending on when the process is completed with you.

Some visits will have been missed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Childcare Officers will prioritise virtual support for Childminders that are still due Ofsted in this inspection cycle. This will start with any Childminders that received a judgement of Inadequate or Requires Improvement as Ofsted regulatory activity for these providers will start from September 2020. We will then move onto the remaining Childminders still due in the current inspection cycle. If this applies to you, your Childcare Officer will be in touch to arrange for this support to take place using the new process.

Childminder EYFS Evaluation process

Childminder EYFS Evaluation (Part A and Part B) July 2020