Report a change of address or tenant

Please tell us about your change of address as soon as possible. We will work out the Council Tax you owe for any Rotherham addresses and issue a bill for each.

If you have overpaid Council Tax, we can transfer the credit to your new account to reduce the amount you owe.

You can let us know by using 'Your Account' or by selecting one of the options below.

Already got 'Your Account'?

Please sign in to report your change of address. You'll be able to do this much faster as your details will be pulled through to the form.

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Haven't registered for 'Your Account'?

Why not do it now? You will be able to manage your Council Tax account online. You can also manage any benefits, library or business rates accounts that you have.

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Staying in Rotherham

Use the 'moving to' form if you were not liable for Council Tax at your last address.

Report a move in Rotherham

Moving to Rotherham

To report a move to Rotherham, you have to sign in or register for Your Account.

Register for Your Account

Leaving Rotherham

We'll issue a final bill and collect any Council Tax you still owe or arrange a credit refund.

Report a move out of Rotherham


Tell us if a tenant moves in or out. Your tenant is usually liable for Council Tax for the duration of their tenancy.

Report a change of tenant

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