Success stories

James' story

Ad-Pro has being helping me to look for jobs. They've helped me get job interviews and supported me in job interviews. They've helped me sort out what I needed to take with me on the day of the interview. They've also trained me with gardening equipment and have helped me with my benefits.

Before I came back to Ad-Pro I passed my driving test. I have built confidence in driving to different places.

I am also a volunteer at RSPB working in the kitchen. I can now serve customers on the till by myself.

Michelle Small helped me with the application for the Clifton Park gardening job. She went with me to the interview, but I didn’t get the job. Michelle also helped me with an application form for Iceland cleaning. Diane Harper took me to the interview but she didn’t help me with the interview and I got to know that i had got the job. I work 2 hours a day, 7am to 9am, 6 days a week. Michelle and Diane are supporting me with in work support until I get up to speed with my work.

It makes me happy that I have finally got a job that I like to do I find it interesting. It’s a change of what I’ve wanted to do which was gardening.

I want to thank everybody at Ad-Pro for helping me get a job and supporting me though the last year of me being at Ad-Pro.

David's story

David has completed various voluntary work positions from leaving school. With support from his Employment Co-ordinator, David felt ready to consider paid work.

David's work experience and a better off calculation showed the possibility of paid employment.

David can now earn up to £420 a month on top of his benefit in his current job as a market attendant.

The manager of Rotherham Market said, "David is an asset to the current team. He has fitted in well, is responsive and needs no further instruction to carry out his tasks. David has a great work ethic and has an all round good attitude at work".

David has now been offered and accepted a permanent contract and is now part of a award winning team.

Daniel's story

Daniel has been coming to Ad-Pro for two years and has done a variety of work placements. 

In November 2015, Daniel was offered a work trial at Poundland. trial was for Monday afternoons, helping in the warehouse and stocking shelves.

Daniel was support by an Employment Co-ordinator until he felt confident to work on his own. Daniel knows he can call on the help of his other Poundland colleagues if he needs to.

Daniel's hard work and dedication resulted in the offer of a full time apprenticeship. Daniel accepted the offer, and now works 30 hours a week within the store.

The store Assistant Manager says, "He works so hard and uses his initiative. He always has a smile on his face, which I like".

Michael's story

Michael’s dream job is to be a car valeter and is wanting to get paid work.

Currently he has a work placement at Douglas Paul Garage, Hellaby. Michael has integrated into the staff team, washing cars on the forecourt on a weekly basis. His Employment Coordinator supported Michael, until he reached a level where he could travel and work by himself.

Michael's parents said, "We are so proud of his achievement at Douglas Paul’s. We are very aware that this would not have happened without Ad-Pro".

Michael’s manager said, "We're very impressed with Michael and happy to sustain his placement".

Michael’s enthusiasm for his job never fades. He is always happy to help wherever needed and so proud of the work he does there. When asked if he enjoys what he does, his reply is always, "Yes, brilliant, I still love it!"

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