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Take 10 to escape

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Take 10 for yourself

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Take 10 and get more!

Taking time for ourselves is important. An easy way you can take time to relax your mind, escape for a while, or learn something new is to take 10 minutes a day to read.

You don’t need to read a book, a saga, or the entire works of a classic author: you can read something that interests you like a blog, a news article, a recipe, or a magazine. Or Take 10 to listen to a podcast or audio book – it’s the same benefits, just in a different format.

You can read on your own, as part of a book club, or to older or younger members of your family.

When you read, you not only get the benefits of looking after your mental health, you’re also helping yourself to relax and unwind, escaping from the pressures of life, and improving your memory, concentration and focus.

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