Apply for or renew an Operator Licence

Requirement for a licence

You need to get a Private Hire Operator Licence from Rotherham Council if you want to run a business as a private hire vehicle (PHV) operator in the Rotherham Borough. An operator's licence permits you to advertise and accept bookings for private hire work.

You’ll also need driver and vehicle licences if you’re working as a one-person operator.

You must ensure that you only operate licensed vehicles driven by licensed drivers. The driver, vehicle and operator must all be licensed by Rotherham Council.

Operator licences are currently granted for a 1 year period. 

The Council will only issue licences to applicants that are deemed to be fit and proper. In assessing this, the Council will have regard to the following:

  • Criminal record 
  • Factors such as demeanour, general character, non-criminal behaviour, honesty and integrity 
  • Previous conduct 
  • Business practices demonstrated by the applicant 

In addition the Council will also consider further information sources such as the Police, Children and Adult Safeguarding Boards, other licensing authorities and statutory agencies.

If an application is received from a person that is not a driver licensed by Rotherham MBC then the applicant will be required to provide a Basic Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service, and undertake the council’s Child and Adult Safeguarding Awareness Training (as required by licensed drivers).

Supporting information

The Council's licensing policy and supporting information must be read and understood by all drivers and operators. 

View the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire licensing Policy.