Partner organisations sign up to customer promises

Published Wednesday, 19th November 2014
Customer Promises
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Partner organisations in Rotherham have signed up to a single set of customer standards providing a Rotherham-wide commitment to delivering high quality services against their promises.

Rotherham Council, local NHS services, South Yorkshire Police, Voluntary Action Rotherham and Healthwatch Rotherham have signed up to "Our Promises to You", which were agreed by the Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board meeting on August 27 and have been developed as part of a wider strategic action for all Rotherham people to expect good quality services in their community. The promises include: 

  • We will make it easy for you to find out what services are available
  • We will aim to be flexible if you need to meet with us
  • We will actively listen to you and treat you with dignity and respect
  • We will be honest about what we can do to help you
  • We will ensure the services we provide are timely

The promises were launched at Fayre’s Fair at Rotherham’s Magna on October 29, where members of the public were given information about the project and asked to get involved in a customer survey, which can also be found the new Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board website.

The first annual survey went live on Wednesday 12 November and all submissions up to Friday December 5 will provide a baseline of how we are performing against our customer promises. Exceptions against the standards will be used for customer service improvement with good practice shared, and areas of poor performance learnt from, by putting things right and improving services for future customers.

Findings would also help to inform future work plans and customer service improvement.

The Health and Wellbeing Board Chairman, Cllr John Doyle, said: "Over 100 surveys were filled out at Fair’s Fayre, proving that there is a real passion out there from members of the public to engage with these promises.

"The partner agencies involved have all spoken about how these promises are vital to making sure the public are comfortable with dealing with them as a whole.

"Indeed, from the council perspective, these clear promises reflect what our community have told us is important to them and I am delighted that we have agreed a shared customer focused culture."

Rotherham resident Betty Brookes said: "It’s good to get this started, it’s got to be a good thing, it’s really needed.

"It means, as customers we know that we are going to be treated well whichever organisation we go to."

Fellow resident Nazma Latif echoed the sentiment: "I think it’s a long time coming. It’s an excellent idea that these agencies are working together.

"I am looking forward to seeing how it will work in practice."

You can find out more about the promises and what they mean to you at the Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board website.

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