Multi-national manufacturer chooses Rotherham

Published Tuesday, 13th January 2015
KD Navien invests in Rotherham
Matthew Choi and Graham Parkes of KD Navien

South Korean multinational KD Navien has its sights set on the European market and has chosen Rotherham for its UK HQ.

The company also plans to open training centres and a research and development (R&D) facility in the Sheffield City Region.

At the cutting edge of low carbon heating technology, KD Navien has recently launched a boiler combining new condensing and IT technologies. This means users can adjust their boiler by smartphone anytime, anywhere.

The company is part of the KD group which has a turnover in excess of £4.6bn. KD Navien, the heating technology arm of the company, made $206m turnover in 2013 and is on target for $264m in 2014.

Progress has been made in establishing a UK workforce in Rotherham. Already five employees are in post and five more currently advertised.

Cllr Dominic Beck, Cabinet Member for Business Growth and Regeneration for the Council, said: "It is great to see another multi-national manufacturing company located in Rotherham, helping to build the town's growing reputation as a global centre for modern manufacturing and technology.

"With the world-class facilities we already have at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), the headquarters of KD Navien in Moorgate Crofts will join our growing community of global businesses in the town and will help to boost further growth in the sector. 

“This continues our ongoing efforts to create high value long-term sustainable jobs in Rotherham and retain our highest skilled people locally. It is important a modern economy is a well-balanced one that is able to provide employment opportunities for all." 

James Newman, Chairman of Sheffield City Region LEP, said: "I am delighted to welcome an international company of the calibre of KD Navien to our City Region.

"I am confident the company will continue to grow their business in the UK and use it as a springboard for European markets.

"The ambitious plans for a heating technology R&D facility complement our strengths in innovating new advanced manufacturing techniques."

KD Navien UK representative, Graham Parkes, said: "There is an ambitious plan for growth with the goal to recruit up 100 employees and open training centres by 2017.

"In the UK we have two bases, the European HQ in London and the UK HQ in Sheffield City Region.

"The opportunity for growth is significant and we are confident we have the right products and support to take the UK by storm."