Improving the shops on Masefield Road

Towns and villages fund

For the Hoober Ward, the area around the shops on Masefield Road in West Melton has been chosen for environmental improvements, thanks to the Towns and Villages Fund.

This supports the Ward priority around making good use of green spaces for everyone. You can view the Ward priorities at: Hoober ward – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

The scheme will include:

  • The resurfacing of existing footpaths and improvements to the green space, including new street furniture (such as knee rails, seating and bollards)
  • Soft landscaping of the green space will also be carried out, including tree planting, hedge planting, bulb planting and wildflower turfing
  • Lighting will also be provided to serve the new footpaths through the green space

Works started on-site last week, and it's estimated to take around 3 months to complete.

Initial work carried out has included preparing the site, successional bulb planting and the digging out of new footpaths through the green space.

More details on the Hoober scheme can be found at: Towns and Villages Fund: Hoober Ward – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Through the Towns and Villages Fund, projects will be delivered across the borough from now until 2024. The Towns and Villages Fund is a £4 million commitment from Rotherham Council to deliver improvements to local towns and villages across the borough.

Find out more about the Towns and Villages Fund at:

Published: 30th November 2022