Parking problems

Examples of illegal parking are:

  • Parking on single or double yellow lines
  • Parking at bus stops or on pedestrian crossings
  • Parking in school 'keep clear' zones
  • Parking in loading bays or resident parking bays
  • Overstaying in a limited waiting time zone

Parking problems the Council can't help with

The Council can deal with some, but not all, parking problems. Examples of problems that the Council cannot deal with are:

  • Double parking – although parking further than 50cm from edge of carriageway is enforceable by the Council under Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE)
  • Parking on pavements or near junctions, unless the road has double yellow lines or another restriction
  • Parking opposite your driveway that makes it difficult to get your vehicle in or out

You should report these problems to South Yorkshire Police, either online or by calling 101.

Pavement parking

We are working to stop ongoing pavement parking to make our communities safer. As well as telling people about the problems caused, we are enforcing parking restrictions with yellow lines or other restrictions where necessary.

Tell us about pavement parking

Parking problems on private land

Please report any problems on private land - for example, on a driveway - to the landowner.

Contact the Council concerning a parking problem