Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents and Additional Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents, good practice and other guidance documents are produced by the Council to provide further information and advice to the public, applicants and developers on the implementation of specific planning policies. These will be taken into account when determining planning applications.

Planning Application Requirements

The Council's current validation of planning applications policy provides a national and local list of requirements for plans and documents required in support of a planning application.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 1 - Rotherham Town Centre (Adopted July 2016)

This sets out a vision for transforming Rotherham town centre. It provides guidance for proposed development within and on the edge of the town centre. The document is in two parts: the Supplementary Planning Document and an accompanying map.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 2 - Air Quality and Emissions (Adopted June 2020)

This identifies when air quality assessments will be required, how these should be undertaken, and provides guidance on mitigation measures to offset potential effects of pollution upon health and the local environment.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 3 - Development in the Green Belt (Adopted June 2020)

This provides guidance relevant to proposals which involve development within the Green Belt.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 4 - Householder Design Guide (Adopted June 2020)

This sets out detailed advice and guidance on domestic household extensions.

Supplementary Planning Document No.5 – Equal and Healthy Communities (Adopted June 2020)

This provides guidance on how equality, health and wellbeing should be considered in the design of development. It also includes restrictions on the location of new hot food takeaways within 800 metres of schools and colleges.

Equal and Healthy Communities Checklist is available to download in both PDF and Microsoft Word format.

Download Equality and Healthy Communities Checklist in Microsoft Word format.

Download Equality and Healthy Communities Checklist in PDF format.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 6 - Shop Front Design Guide (Adopted June 2020)

This provides guidance for retail and commercial units wishing to install or replace a shop front.

Supplementary Planning Document No. 7 - Town Centre Uses and Developments (Adopted June 2020)

This sets out guidance to assist applicants when submitting planning applications for main town centre uses which require sequential and/or impact test assessments. It also sets out how policies relating to development within Primary and Secondary Shopping Frontages will be implemented.

Affordable Housing Interim Planning Statement

This provides guidance on affordable housing and how policy will be applied to new development proposals. The Council is currently preparing revised guidance to be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document in due course.

South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide

This guidance is intended for use by residential developers and their design professionals, consultants and agents in formulating designs and making applications for planning permission for residential development.

Flood Risk and Drainage

All Councils must consider flood risk when making decisions on planning applications. This allows us to limit risks for new and existing developments. The Council’s Flood Risk Toolkit provides guidance on managing flood risk within the borough. Guidance for developers is also available from the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency

The South Yorkshire Interim Local Guidance for Sustainable Drainage Systems provides minimum recommended standards for the development of sustainable drainage systems.

Contaminated Land

The Council has adopted guidance from the local Pollution Advisory Council, which now forms part of the decision-making process for planning applications. The guidance requires a contamination assessment to be submitted for most developments on contaminated land.


The Council has published good practice guidance regarding requirements for transport assessments, travel plans, and parking standards. This will be updated as a Supplementary Planning Document in due course.

Natural Environment

The Council has prepared the local wildlife good practice guidance to support developers when considering the natural environment, particularly wildlife habitats and species, within development proposals. This will be updated as a Supplementary Planning Document in due course.


The Landscape Design Guide sets out design considerations which need to be addressed in the design and implementation of landscape schemes for small scale non-contentious development schemes.