Local Land Charges

Who makes the Search?

Customarily a conveyancer carries out the official search on behalf of their client. The conveyancer would also make the supplementary enquiries before entering into the contract to purchase the property.

Personal Search Agents also carry out personal searches on behalf of conveyancers.

Questions to ask your conveyancer.

Buying or selling a property is probably the biggest financial transaction you will make in your life. Therefore, it is important to get it right. Below we list the questions you should be asking your conveyancer about local land charge searches.

  1. What sort of search will it be? An official local authority search undertaken by Rotherham Council or a personal search?
  2. Will the mortgage lender accept the search and if so who will be held liable for missing or inaccurate information?
  3. Will I receive a full copy of the search information once it has been undertaken?
  4. Can you obtain additional information obtained free of charge regarding the search? The Council will only respond to enquiries raised regarding its own official local land charges searches. We do not respond to enquiries regarding personal searches.
  5. Is the person that provides the information in the Local Land Charges search result fully trained?