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The Council carries out roadworks to maintain and improve the highways in Rotherham, they are also carried out by utility companies (gas, electricity, water and telecommunications).

All activities are recorded at street level and selecting a particular road works sign icon will give information including:

  • works start and end date
  • who is responsible for the works (known as the promoter)
  • locations and description of works to be carried out

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Harthill Road Closures

Harthill road closures this summer: expect disruption as several utility companies carry out essential works.

The works include a flood protection scheme by Severn Trent, new underground electricity cables by Northern Powergrid, and gas, electric, and water connections by Express Utilities and Network Plus.

Find out about Harthil Road Closures

Bridge-strengthening works in Rotherham

Centenary way bridge

Essential repair works to the A630 Centenary Way Viaduct in Rotherham, will start on Monday 8 July 2024. These works will strengthen concrete slabs that run underneath the central reservation of the bridge and are expected to be completed this winter.

To make sure people are kept safe, the current 30mph speed limit and single lane running will continue in both directions, while new slabs are put in place.

The majority of the repair works will be carried out from Monday and Friday, except when the sections above the railway and Brinsworth Street are repaired at weekends. The road will stay open during these works.

To allow for the safe siting of vehicle barriers, the road will be closed for three nights from 1 to 3 July 2024, when signed diversions will be put in place.

Road users should be aware that lane markings on the approach to Ickles Roundabout on Sheffield Road and the lower section of Centenary Way will change temporarily.

Repairs are needed to the slabs so that they can swell in hot weather and shrink back to size when temperatures drop. This should prevent any further disruption on the bridge.

Motorists can use public transport to avoid traffic delays and find alternative routes.