Potholes on a road, pavement or footpath


There are numerous types of defects that can form on our roads including deep potholes, shallow potholes, surface deterioration, cracking, and subsidence.

A small pothole, with a ruler laid face-up above the pothole. A deep pothole with a piece of measuring equipment stretched over it.

Surface deterioration

Over time the road surface can deteriorate. This is a type of defect that could indicate the partial or total failure of the layers of the road surface.

Whilst not often requiring an immediate response, if left untreated there is an increased risk of water ingress which will inevitably lead to the formation of potholes.

You can check whether the road you are reporting is already on our programme of works or ask us to inspect a road that you feel is in poor condition.

Image of  deteriorated road surface Image of cracked road surface

Road collapse or sinkhole

Sinkholes are the result of a complete erosion of the subsurface, usually from improper drainage or sewer or plumbing leaks. These create a hole in the pavement and can cause vehicle damage and injury if not addressed immediately. 

Please call 01709 336003 to report this potentially hazardous sinkhole.

A road with a hole in it.