Rotherham Show

Rotherham Show 2023

Clifton Park

Saturday 2nd and
Sunday 3rd September

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Clifton Park in September for this year’s Rotherham Show.

Rotherham Show offers a packed programme of music, dance, theatre, and circus; places to play and places to rest; performances to make you smile and think; blooms, bakes, and tasty treats; with community, creativity, togetherness, and joy at the heart of it all!

Firebreather on stage at Rotherham Show

Made in Rotherham

Have you ever been to a show and thought mine are as good as that?
Why not try your hand at entering our show. Even the experienced exhibitors started that way and there really isn’t anything to be scared of.

This schedule tells you what each class requires and has some tips on entering your exhibit. Do look at number of specimens needed and the sizes specified.

Whether you exhibit vegetables, fruit, cake, flowers or craft – just have a go and
enter the show!

See additional information for competitors.

Rotherham show: vintage vehicle display