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  • Chat n Chill - Maltby

    During our sessions our Youth Workers support the young people to make informed, healthy choices and promote good physical and mental health to help to reduce health equalities and help support them to build healthy relationships and friendships.
  • A guide to CCTV cameras and security

    Reduce antisocial behaviour, youth nuisance, drug and alcohol misuse, and provide public reassurance;
  • Your Council Tax Guide

    Because of those choices, we can also protect our recent and on-going investments in road resurfacing and road safety, youth work, street cleaning and our Towns and Villages Fund that is improving local centres across the Borough – helping to make our communities better places for everyone to live.
  • General Enforcement Policy

    A simple caution for a criminal offence will appear on the offender’s criminal record.... It is likely to influence how the Council and others deal with any similar breaches in the future, and may be cited in court if the offender is subsequently prosecuted for a similar offence.... Simple cautions will be used in accordance with Ministry of Justice “Simple Cautions for Adult Offenders” 14th November 2013 (replacing earlier version dated 8th April 2013, which replaced Home Office Circular 016/2008) and other relevant guidance.
  • Social Value

    However, the disadvantaged background measures cannot be double counted with one another, so if an individual corresponds to two disadvantaged categories (e.g. an individual being disabled and also an ex-offender), only count them in one of the measures.... They have been employed through Bounce Back (a VCSE organisation that supports ex-offenders back into work), and also happen to be local to the project.... This should be recorded through the Social Value Calculator as follows: NT1(Local direct employees): 3 FTE (because it is a 3-year project and you can account for local employment every reoccurring year of the contract) NT5 (ex-offenders): 1 FTE (because you may only count disadvantaged measures for the first year of employment)
  • General Enforcement Policy

    There must be enough evidence to provide a ‘realistic prospect of conviction’ against each alleged offender
  • Rotherham couple make Christmas magical for children in care and local fostering families

    Michelle also runs a youth club for looked after children in Rotherham, where young people can meet to take part in activities and talk to others who are going through similar experiences.... Santa will of course be returning, this year to Michelle’s youth club laden with Christmas Eve boxes for all of the children.
  • Private Sector Housing Enforcement

    Applied for when a landlord has been convicted of relevant offences and it is considered that the severity of the offending is such that they or their associates should not be allowed to operate in the Private Housing Sector.
  • Money and Benefits

    If you are 16 or 17 years old and leave full time education or training your parents may be able to claim child benefit extension – you will need to register with your local youth centre and contact the Child Benefit Agency... Speak to your Youth Support Worker for more information
  • Safer streets and more support for children and young people in Council’s budget proposals

    And a package totalling more than £700,000 a year will support young people with additional youth work, support for children at risk of child criminal exploitation, and the reintroduction of grants to help low income families with the cost of school uniforms.... £180,000 for an expansion of youth services to engage with more young people out of school hours at more locations across the borough