Council Plan - Our approach

Our approach

Four guiding principles run through the plan, informing our way of working and helping us to achieve better outcomes.

  • Expanding opportunities for all

    As we open up new opportunities we will target the most help at those who need it, so no one is left behind

  • Recognising and building on our strengths to make positive change

    This will involve making the best use of local assets, including buildings, parks and public spaces, as well as harnessing the knowledge and skills of community groups and local residents

  • Working with our communities

    To achieve the best outcomes for local people, we recognise the importance of putting them at the heart of everything we do. That means involving local residents in the things that matter to them and making sure we design our services based on input from those who use them.

  • Focussing on prevention

    We know that prevention is better than cure in achieving positive outcomes for our residents. For this reason, we will focus on reducing the risk of problems arising in the first place, and when they do, we will intervene early to prevent them from worsening


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