Council Plan theme - Expanding economic opportunity

Performance measures

Ref Key performance indicators Good is Target 2022/23
EC01 Proportion of working age population who are in work (or actively looking for work) in Rotherham High Achieve national average
EC02a Optimistic about the future:
a) Proportion optimistic about the future of Rotherham as a place to live
High Greater than 57%
EC02b b) Proportion optimistic about the future of Rotherham town centre High Greater than 24%
EC03 Number of new businesses started with help from the Council High 60
EC04a Actions taken in Rotherham to promote progressive and
sustainable Economic Development:
a) Survival rate of new businesses supported in RiDO Business Centres over the first three trading years
High 81%
EC04b b) Provide advice and support to local businesses to help them recover and grow High 400
EC05 Number of engagements with libraries’ services which help people learn, acquire new skills or get a job High 80,000
EC06 Proportion of new starter apprenticeships created within the Council High 1.5% of workforce 
EC07 Number of online customer transactions  High 185,400


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