Scams and bogus callers

Known scams

We have been made aware of the following scams:

Council Tax Refunds

Some residents have received phone calls advising them that they have overpaid Council Tax and are due a refund.

They have been asked to send or pay an administrative fee to release the refund.

We will never ask for your bank details or for an administrative fee. If you receive a similar call, ask for the information to be put in writing or hang up.

Medicare taking over Rothercare

A fraudulent company has contacted some Rothercare customers by telephone claiming that Medicare have taken over the service and have requested payment.

Please do not give out your bank details and hang up. Customers should contact Rothercare through the Rothercare equipment to report the call. Calls should also be reported to the police on 101. Rothercare can assist with reporting the incident to the police if required.

Bogus callers

If we are aware of bogus callers operating in Rotherham, we will issue an alert on the Rotherham Council Twitter account.

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Find out about recent scams

You can sign up for email alerts on Action Fraud’s website to find out about recent scams in your area.

You can also check recent scams on Action Fraud’s website, and find out about common financial scams on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.

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