Flood advice and information

Entering your home after a flood

Check with the emergency services that it’s safe to return to your property. Do not turn on your water, gas or electricity. Get your utilities company or a qualified engineer to check they are safe before turning them back on.

If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for repairs to your home if you’ve got flood damage.

Get advice from:

Further advice for those affected by flooding includes:

When cleaning after floods:

  • Wear rubber boots, waterproof gloves and an apron
  • Wear a standard face mask and goggles (such as those sold by DIY stores) to protect yourself from water splashes caused by scrubbing, hosing or pressure-washing
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after each clean-up session
  • Keep open cuts or sores clean, and use waterproof plasters to prevent them being exposed to floodwater