Flood advice and information

Keeping well during a flood

Keeping well

You are encouraged to stay safe and keep vigilant around flood water.

If you come into contact or enter flood water, you could be at risk of illness, injury or drowning. Do not walk or drive through flood water and do not attempt to swim in flood water. If you do come into contact with flood water, wash your hands regularly and mention the flood if you see a doctor within 10 days for abdominal complaints.

Do not touch sources of electricity if you are standing in water and be aware of the dangers of petrol or diesel generators or similar as these can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not eat food that has touched flood water. Do not eat fresh food from the fridge or freezer if your electricity has been turned off for more than four hours.

Flooding is stressful. It is normal to feel anxious or upset. Take care of yourself and your family. Check on elderly and vulnerable friends and neighbours.

For full advice please see information from Public Health England

Information on how to clean your home safely is available from Public Health England

Food safety after a flood advice from the Food Standards Agency

Looking after your mental health

Having your home or business flooded is stressful. It is normal to feel anxious or upset at this time and for several weeks after. There are things which you can do to look after your wellbeing and that of others around you. Please take a look at the following websites:

Talking to workers, family and friends about how you are feeling is really important too, please take a look at the support available locally: