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Universal youth work offer

Communities in Rotherham are keen to ensure that there are sufficient places to go and things to do for young people. There are also concerns about anti-social behaviour and child criminal exploitation in particular parts of the borough.

We want to fund an expansion of the existing youth offer for young people and create provision where there is currently little or no support for young people. The offer will be focused on the needs of adolescence, but ensure whole family working, within a community development approach. would respond to localised issues as well as developing a localised offer of safe places to go and stimulating, things to do.

There is a maximum of £200,000 in total for the projects across the borough, this will be divided into North, Central and South localities based on need and identified gaps in provision.

Funding is open to constituted voluntary groups, charities, private sector organisations, schools, faith groups who can demonstrate they can meet the minimum standards of a high-quality offer for young people.

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