About your business rates

Information for Rating Agents and Surveyors

We are happy to help with enquiries from rating agents and surveyors provided you send the query with a letter of authority from the ratepayer.

We have listed the most popular queries below. If you have any further queries then please contact us.

Audits of charges

We have received requests from some agents to provide full details of charges and other account information for many properties going back many years (in some cases back to 1990).

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources required to fulfil such “blanket” requests.

If you feel we have made an error in calculating your client’s liability, provide us with the specific details. Please include your own calculations and we will do our best to assist.


Our policy is to refund overpayments (whether for rateable value changes or otherwise) as soon as possible after they have arisen.

In some cases, we will offset an overpayment against other debts the ratepayer may have with the Council.

Empty property allowances

Our policy is that any requests for allowances (whether by the ratepayer or their agents) for empty periods should be made at the time. This will give us the opportunity to inspect the property in question.

We will consider backdated requests only in exceptional circumstances. We will only consider these if you provide appropriate documentary evidence.

Section 44A Requests

We may use our discretion to grant relief under Section 44A LGFA 1988 to reflect periods of partial occupation, and progressive occupation/vacation. We can only allow the relief in situations which are temporary in nature.

It is our policy to carry out site inspections in all such cases. We cannot consider backdated applications for Section 44A relief.

If you wish to make such an application on your client’s behalf, please write to us with full details. You must include the reason for the request, the timescale(s) involved, and a detailed plan of the area(s) concerned.


Valuation Office Agency updates to the rating list

Charge adjustments and/or refunds are usually processed within 10 working days of the date the Valuation Office Agency altered the list.

Revised accounts are then issued and we process refunds (where applicable) a few days later.