Rotherham Community Champions

Being a supportive and active member of your local community is all you need to do to be a community champion.

We’re not asking you to give up hours of time, or to go out of your way to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Unless of course you want to.

We’re asking each and every person in our local area to do small things that help others.

This could be anything including:

  • Making sure the news your share with friends and family is real and not fake
  • Speaking to your friends and family about the COVID-19 Vaccination and giving them the real facts
  • Making sure you follow the latest government guidelines
  • Wearing face coverings in public places

There are so many ways for you to be a Community Champion and to make a big difference in your local area.

With Covid restrictions easing the Council has produced a guide for community groups who manage or use community buildings. This includes information about how to do a risk assessment for your facilities and a check list of things to consider when opening up for the first time.