Anston and Woodsetts ward

Budget summary

Individual ward councillors are given two funds to manage on behalf of the ward - their Community Leadership Fund (CLF) and a ward capital budget. The money from these funds is used to support community groups and projects that are aligned to the ward priorities.

CLF budgets are managed by individual councillors. The ward capital budget is managed by all ward councillors collectively.

The Council publishes ward budget summaries each year which outline how ward councillors have allocated the funds they manage. These will be published here.


Previous ward budget summaries

Budget summaries for the previous council term for Anston and Woodsetts ward can be accessed below, though may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.


Anston and Woodsetts ward budget summary 2020-21 (243KB)

Anston and Woodsetts ward budget summary 2019-20 (217KB)

Anston and Woodsetts ward budget summary 2018-19 (261KB)