Request a copy birth, marriage or death certificate

Copy marriage or civil partnership certificate

To issue a copy marriage or civil partnership certificate, we will need the:

  • Full name of bride, groom or both partners
  • Name of bride or both partners before marriage or civil partnership
  • Any other names used by the groom, bride or partners
  • Date of marriage or civil partnership
  • Place where the marriage or civil partnership took place (for example, name of church, register office, hotel)

The cost for each non-urgent certificate is £11
The national target for issuing non-urgent certificates is fifteen working days from the date of request.

At this time the Registration Service  is unable to process requests for non-urgent replacement birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates.

Urgent copy certificate requests are £35.00 per copy and can be ordered by telephone with the Registration service on 01709 823542 option 2.

For each urgent certificate the cost is £35
Urgent certificate orders can be made Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm by phone. Certificates are produced on or before the next working day and are sent by first class post. If the certificate is to be collected an appointment to do so will be offered.

Order an urgent copy by phone 01709 823542