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Welcome to our Library and Neighbourhood Hubs, where we offer a range of services to assist you. Whether you need assistance with council services, information, or simply have a query, we are here to help. Find out where you can visit us in person and discover the amenities available at each location.

Riverside Library and Neighbourhood Hub


Riverside House
Main Street
S60 1AE



To help you find your way to Riverside Library and Neighbourhood Hub, we have provided directions from key locations in the area:

From Rotherham Interchange

Walking time: 7 minutes

Distance: 0.3 mile


  1. Walk southwest on the restricted-usage road for 23 feet
  2. Continue onto Frederick Street for 79 feet
  3. Slight left onto Corporation Street
  4. After 0.1 mile, turn right onto Market Street
  5. After 0.1 mile, turn right onto Main Street
  6. After 256 feet, turn left onto Don Street
  7. Your destination will be on the right after 108 feet

Note: All routes are mostly flat, ensuring a comfortable journey.

From Rotherham Central Railway Station

Walking time: 6 minutes

Distance: 0.3 mile


  1. Walk east on Bridge Street/Rotherham Bridge towards Central Road for 75 feet
  2. Turn right onto Central Road and continue for 0.2 mile
  3. Turn right towards The Statutes for 23 feet
  4. Turn left onto The Statutes for 125 feet
  5. Turn left onto Main Street for 82 feet
  6. Turn right onto Don Street
  7. Your destination will be on the right after 108 feet

Note: All routes are mostly flat, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Other parking

If you're visiting Rotherham, we provide convenient parking options throughout the borough. You can find Council car parks and street parking locations available for your use.

Parking in the town centre is free in Council-owned car parks and on-street parking bays on Bank Holidays. Please note that this does not include Clifton Park or Country Parks.

Find parking in Rotherham

Riverside House main entrance

Main entrance and reception

The main entrance to our customer service centre is located at the front of the building, facing the beautiful River Don.

Upon arrival, you will find our main reception in the central wing, on the right-hand side. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you with any inquiries or guidance you may need.

Travelling to Riverside House by Bicycle

Secure Cycle Parking Available

For cyclists, Riverside House is conveniently located and offers secure Sheffield cycle stands right outside the main entrance. This allows you to park your bicycle safely while visiting our facilities.

Planning Your Cycle Journey

We recommend using Cyclestreets to plan your cycle journey to Riverside House. This website is a valuable resource for finding traffic-free paths and quiet roads, making your cycling experience more enjoyable.

Riverside House and National Cycle Network (NCN) 6

An added benefit for cyclists is Riverside House's proximity to NCN 6. This pleasant, mostly flat route is approximately 6 miles long and takes about 30 minutes to complete. It provides a convenient off-road connection between Meadowhall Interchange and Rotherham.


We are committed to ensuring that our service centres are fully accessible to all visitors. To accommodate individuals with hearing difficulties, we have induction loops installed.

We also understand the importance of language accessibility. Therefore, we provide language translations for those who find it challenging to understand English. Our staff will be happy to assist you with language support, ensuring that you receive the information and assistance you need.

At our customer service centres, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.

If you have any specific accessibility requirements or need further assistance, please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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