Customer Access Strategy

Foreword by the Leader of Rotherham Council

In Rotherham we have redesigned what we stand for as a local authority, what our priorities are, along with our promise to you as Rotherham residents and our ambitions for the future. As part of these reforms we have defined a new vision for the borough, which sets the priorities for the way the Council works. These priorities include making sure every child has the best start in life, ensuring every adult is secure in a clean safe environment, and part of a community where opportunity is extended to everyone.

In order to work toward these priorities we are committed to being a modern, efficient Council which provides value for money and has the needs of you our residents at the centre of our decision making. Like all local authorities across the country, we are having to deliver against a reduced budget and an increase in demand for our services. However, while we are becoming smaller in size, we are focused on being bigger in influence, which means a changing role for us as a Council.

This strategy sets out how we will turn our vision into a reality for our customers. It explains how we will meet customer needs and demands using our resources most effectively, and make sure all our customers have access to services regardless of their circumstances. But perhaps most importantly, it outlines how we will strengthen customer relationships, improving experience and increasing satisfaction by continuing to work closely with our customers to ensure your needs are met.

Cllr Chris Read Leader of the Council