Customer Access Strategy

Help and support for all our customers

Some of our customers may not be aware of all the digital services currently available to them - and we know we need to do more to promote them.

Other people want to do more online but don’t currently feel able to. This could be due to a lack of confidence in new technologies, or nervousness about the safety of doing things in this way.

For others, the cost of equipment and mobile or broadband charges might prevent them from accessing services digitally.

Whatever the reason, we want to do all we can to help as many people as possible enjoy the benefits that being online can bring.

We are doing this by: 

  • working with our communities, partners, voluntary sector and charitable organisations to introduce schemes that are designed to increase digital inclusion.
  • creating our digital inclusion website
  • encouraging people to make use of digital ‘self-serve’ to find out about the things that matter to them – not just Council services
  • promoting online services at every opportunity to increase interest and awareness
  • providing digital assistance in every library and offering pre-booked appointments in Customer Service centres so you feel supported and able to access the services you need. This might for example mean showing you how to set up an email address or helping you complete an online form
  • supporting all customers in a way that best suits your situation and reason for contacting us
  • enabling all our frontline staff to support customers to access online services, equipping them (where appropriate) with mobile devices and tablets so they can show you how to find information and services using devices you are more familiar with. This will be not only at Council offices but for staff working in the community too
  • working with the business community to identify other organisations who could help us increase the number of people who can get online and stay online.
  • continuing to provide free Wi-Fi for public use in Council owned buildings such as libraries and customer service centres, and subject to funding look to extend this to other locations such as the town centre
  • making sure all our services are accessible so that regardless of anyone’s personal situation, no one feels disadvantaged. We realise that going online isn’t for everyone and for some services there may be other self-serve options available too. For example text messaging, automated telephone service. Customers can also still contact us by phone or make an appointment to see us in person at one of six customer service centres