Energy and climate change

Our plan

As part of our plan to tackle climate change, we will aim to reduce the impact of the energy we use. We will also work with others in the borough to do the same. We can do this by:

  • Investing in energy efficiency improvements.
  • Increasing the amount of renewable energy we use.
  • Encouraging everyone to save energy where possible.

These actions have the added benefit that they can help us save money and become less affected by energy price rises.

What we are doing

  • We have developed a plan to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use for heating our buildings. This covers 43 of our highest energy using buildings. We are investigating options for district heating and using electricity for heating.
  • We have changed our inefficient lighting over to energy saving LED light bulbs.
  • We have placed solar panels on many of our buildings including Riverside House and on the top of Rotherham Interchange and Wellgate multi storey car parks.
  • We are investing in our electric vehicle charging network.