Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Rotherham Council offers electric vehicle charging points across the Borough. Car parking charges also apply at some car parks offering charging points.

Types of charging points available at Rotherham council car parks

There are two different types of electric vehicle charger available:

  1. Fast chargers (22kW AC) – which can recharge a car fully from empty in around three hours
  2. Standard chargers (7kW AC) - takes around six hours to recharge a car fully from empty.

Typically, one hour charging at a 22kW charger provides about 80 miles of range.

Charging times vary from vehicle to vehicle and may be longer than those quoted. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for details.

Where you can charge your vehicle

Rotherham Council Electric Vehicle Charging Points can be found at the following locations:

  • Drummond Street Car Park, Rotherham, S65 1HP (two 22kW sockets)
  • Scala Car Park, Rotherham, S60 1NG (two 22kW sockets)
  • Wellgate Multi-story Car Park, Rotherham, S60 2LT (ten public sockets – two 22kW and eight 7kW)
  • Walker Street Car Park, Swinton, S64 8AW (two 22kW sockets)
  • Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham, S65 2AH, (two 22kW sockets)
  • Rawmarsh Library, Rawmarsh, S62 6AE (two 7kW sockets)
  • Aston Library and Neighbourhood Hub, Swallownest, S26 4WD (two 22kW sockets)
  • Wath Upon Dearne Community Library Car Park, Wath, S63 7RZ (two 22kW sockets)
  • Thyrbergh County Park, Thrybergh, S65 4NU (two 7kW sockets)
  • Rother Valley Country Park – Visitor Centre, S26 5PQ (two 7kW sockets)
  • Rother Valley Country Park – Water Sports Centre, S26 5PQ (two 7kW sockets)

In addition, there are around 100 further charging sockets operated privately but available to the public at supermarkets, fast food outlets and other destinations within Rotherham (May 2022) and more are planned. These can be found on Zap-Map and other charging apps.

If you would like to learn more about our Electric Vehicle Charging Point stratergy please use the link below :

Rotherham Council Electric Vehicle Charging Point Strategy

How to use Rotherham council charging points

The operating system for the Council charging points is run by a company called MER Charging UK Limited.

You can create an account with MER for free by visiting the how it works page on the MER website or downloading the MER app on Android and IOS. Account holders are billed monthly for all charging on the network. The app advises the current rate per kWh.

Once you join, you can request an RFID tag which you can scan at the charging point to use it. As well as allowing you to use the charging points in Rotherham, it will allow you to use any MER charging point in the UK and across Europe, and also charge points operated by MER’s many roaming partners.

If you don't want to become a member, you can still use the charging points by using the MER app on your smartphone.

We advise that you sign up to a MER account and obtain an RFID tag as this is easier to use and does not rely on mobile phone reception or battery.

Charge using the MER app or RFID card

This charge point can be activated using your MER RFID tag or the MER app.

  1. Activate by tapping your MER RFID card on the charge point's communication terminal or by using the MER app on your smartphone or device to find the charge point.
  2. Connect your cable to the vehicle then the charge point.
  3. Your electric vehicle should now start charging.
  4. To stop charging, tap your MER RFID card again, or use the MER app to stop charging.
  5. Disconnect from the charge point first, then your vehicle.

MER have a useful short video going through the process:

Mer EV charging - How to use Mer up to 22kW fast charger

How to report issues


Please report any issues with any charge points directly to MER by:

Telephone: 020 3884 2768

Email: hello.uk@mer.eco

Visit the MER website


For information on Blink charging, please visit the Blink web site

Telephone 0330 111 0076

Email: support@blinkcharging.co.uk

Project EV

Download the app from the QR code on any charge point

How to use a Project EV Charger video

Telephone 0333 733 0333