Equip yourself for independent living

Technology accessed directly through Customer Contact

Some really effective gadgets can be accessed directly from our Customer Contact service.

These include:

  • Automatic medication dispenser – to help to ensure medication is taken regularly and safely
  • Orientation clock – to support you to know the day, time and whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night
  • Big picture telephone – to allow easy communication with people important to you
  • Magiplug (for bath/sink) – to prevent the flooding of sinks or bath if taps are not turned off in a timely manner
  • Keysafe – to allow people trusted by you to have access to your home

Items which need to be linked to the community alarm system or carers pager:

  • Fall detector – a fall detector which you wear
  • Environmental package - this consists of smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, temperature sensor and flood sensor within your home
  • Heat sensor – to detect any extremes of temperature within your home
  • Bogus caller alert – to give extra security if you are concerned about people calling at your home unannounced