Dinnington Neighbourhood Plan Examination


Mr Terry Heselton BA (Hons), Dip TP, MRTPI has been appointed as Examiner to conduct the examination of the Dinnington Neighbourhood Plan and publish a Report with recommendations.

Examination news and documents

Further information will be provided as the examination progresses.

13th January – An Examination Procedure Note has been published setting out how the examination will be undertaken.

29th January - An examination update has been published; this gives details from the examiner on the progress of the examination. Please note the examiner is seeking no further comments on the neighbourhood plan or the Town Council’s response to the consultation responses.

29th January - Dinnington St John’s Town Council comments to the examiner on consultation representations has been published.

6th February 2020 - Questions were received from the Examiner and are published below

14th February 2020 – Dinnington St John’s Town Council and Rotherham Borough Council response to the Examiner’s Questions (dated 6th February 2020), including Local Heritage Assets Maps has been published.

20th February 2020 – Dinnington St John’s Town Council and Rotherham Borough Council written response to the Examiner’s Update and Questions (dated 27 January  2020) has been published.

20th February 2020 – Location maps in response to section 4 of the Examiner’s Questions of 27 January 2020 has been published    

27th March 2020 – the Examiner has produced his final report and concluded his examination on the Dinnington St John’s Neighbourhood Plan. The Council will now consider the report.

Report of the Independent Examination

Submission of the Dinnington Neighbourhood Plan

Dinnington St John's Town Council ('the qualifying body') submitted its draft Neighbourhood Development Plan to Rotherham Borough Council on 18 September 2019. The submission documents can be viewed below:

Rotherham Borough Council undertook consultation on the submission documents (as required by Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended)) between 7 November and 20 December 2019. A statement of representations procedure was published setting out the documents submitted by the qualifying body, where they could be inspected, and how comments could be submitted:

The representations received to this consultation can be viewed below: