Bonfires and Fireworks

Air pollution from bonfires and smoke

Whilst you may have a bonfire at a domestic property, we do not promote burning household waste. Burning household waste can reduce the air quality of our borough and can pose a risk to health.

Be aware that:

  • burning waste may cause a smoke nuisance to your neighbours
  • bonfires can get out of hand and be dangerous, putting additional pressures on emergency services
  • we can prosecute you, or issue fines up to £400, if you're caught fly-tipping

Bonfires on public land are illegal. Anyone caught building a bonfire could be fined for fly-tipping.

Report fly-tipping

Alternatives to bonfires

Think about practical alternatives for disposing of waste other than bonfires, such as:

  • composting
  • recycling
  • taking your waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Find a Household Waste Recycling Centre