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Local Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charges Register is a public record of charges and restrictions that affect land and property in England and Wales. It is maintained by local authorities and is searchable online.

The following are examples of the types of information that you might find on the Local Land Charges Register:

  • Financial charges: These are amounts of money that are due to the local authority, usually as a result of work that the council has carried out on the property.
  • Conservation areas: These are areas that have been designated by the local authority as having special architectural or historic interest. There are additional controls on new buildings and demolition work in conservation areas.
  • Smoke control orders: These orders restrict the types of fuel that can be used in certain areas.

The 12 parts of the Land Charges Register:

  1. General financial charges
  2. Specific financial charges
  3. Planning Charges
  4. Miscellaneous charges
  5. Fenland ways maintenance charges
  6. Land compensation charges
  7. New towns charges
  8. Civil aviation charges
  9. Opencast coal charges
  10. Listed buildings charges
  11. Light obstruction notices
  12. Drainage scheme charges

In addition to the information on the Local Land Charges Register, you may also want to check the CON29 forms to find out about any notices that are about to be served on the property. These notices could become binding on you as the new owner, so it's important to be aware of them before you complete your purchase.

Viewing the Local Land Charges Register

You can view the Local Land Charges Register at Riverside House, Library Section. It is open Monday to Thursday, inclusive.

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