Request a Local Land Charges and Environmental Regulations Information (EIR) search

Request a Search

You can request an official Search direct from us by email.

You can order LLC1, Con29R Compiled, or Con29O Compiled, and we'll email a comprehensive reply to you, with a saving of at least two working days on our postal turnaround time.

The search fee pays for access to all the Council services concerned, who will provide full replies to all questions on the Search forms, completed by experienced staff, and backed up by the Council's guarantee of accuracy.

Because the search request and reply is handled electronically, there can be no problems caused by documents delayed or lost in the post, and we can save paper too! The electronic reply is in a format suitable for inclusion in a conveyancing pack.

Please download the e-search request form and email it to

Download the e-search request form

Cancellation Policy

If you have a plan in electronic format, please send it with the form. You can pay by Online, by Card or by BACS - please download the ESearch Request Form for details.

Once a search has been accepted and work has started on that search then no refund will be made.

We'll return the certified form and search results to you as attachments in an email.

We'll also attach extra relevant information relating to the property, including plans showing the location of definitive footpaths, listed buildings and tree preservation orders.