Public rights of way

Apply to register or change a route

Anyone can make a formal application to:

  • Add a new public right of way to the definitive map
  • Re-grade a recorded public right of way to a different status. For example, changing a footpath to a bridleway
  • Correct the recorded details of a public right of way
  • Delete a route from the definitive map, if recorded in error

If you apply to record a byway open to all traffic, we will usually only record the route as a restricted byway. This means the route is only for pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists and horse-drawn vehicles. We are reviewing these applications as part of our ongoing definitive map review.

You can appeal to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if:

  • We decide not to make Definitive Map Modification Order
  • We do not make a decision within 12 months of your application

Download a Definitive Map Modification Order Request Pack