How to dispose of hazardous waste


Small quantities of Asbestos from household items e.g ironing board pads and fire blankets may be taken to our Household Waste Recycling Centre at Car Hill, Greasbrough.

None of our other sites have facilities for asbestos disposal.

Prior to visiting the site you must contact Waste Management on 01709 823054 to make arrangement for disposal. If you fail to contact in advance your waste will not be accepted.

Asbestos must be double wrapped using heavy plastic bags and when on site placed in the special skip provided. Contact a member of staff for assistance.

Large amounts of asbestos from building products will not be allowed on site

We are currently carrying out approx 5000 surveys in order to be 100% compliant with our asbestos register and feel it would be beneficial for a section to be added to the council website where tenants can check the information if they have been contacted by the company to arrange a check.

Greasbrough Recycling Centre

Contact 01709 823054 to arrange disposal