How to dispose of hazardous waste

Building and DIY waste

For building and DIY waste you are limited to one visit within a six month period, multiple visits will not be accepted.

We do not accept waste from major building, renovation and repairs projects. This is not household waste and is classed as construction and demolition waste. Our sites are not licenced to accept this material. You will be required to make your own arrangements to legally dispose of larger quantities of DIY waste.

Here are some suggestions of methods you may consider (a service charge is likely to be made):

  • Hiring a skip or a "skip bag" from a registered private waste disposal company.
  • Employing a registered private waste disposal company to collect your waste.
  • Delivering your own waste to a licensed private disposal or recycling facility.

Companies and sites offering these services can be found via trade directories and websites.

If the work was carried out by a tradesperson it is their legal responsibility to dispose of the waste via a licensed waste disposal company.

Please note – material accepted at the Household Waste Recycling Centres will be at the discretion of our staff. If the staff feel there is too much waste, or if more than one visit has been made, they have the right not to accept the waste and it will be the resident’s responsibility to find another legal means of disposal themselves.

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