New or replacement wheeled bins

Use our online service to order and pay for new and replacement wheeled bins.

Order a new bin

We'll deliver wheeled bins within 10 working days of your order.

Lost and damaged bins

If your wheeled bin has been lost or damaged, we'll replace it free of charge.

You'll need to order replacement wheeled bins if they have:

  • damaged lid, split sides or broken wheels
  • been lost or stolen
  • are missing when you moved in
  • not been bought from us

If you don't buy wheeled bins from us

If you don't want to buy a replacement wheeled bin from us, you can take your waste to one of our recycling centres.

Please note that our waste collection team:

  • cannot collect bags of waste from wheeled bin collection areas
  • will only empty wheeled bins that we've supplied

Find a recycling centre