Applying for a School during the School Year

This information relates to:

  • An application for a child to move from one Rotherham school to another
  • A child who has moved into Rotherham from another Local Authority area
  • A child who is new to the UK from overseas
  • A child who is currently electively home educated who wishes to return to school

You should read the following information before submitting a request for a school place.

Where mentioned “school” refers to schools and academies.

You are advised to contact your child's current Head Teacher/Principal to discuss your intention to apply for another school place before applying for a school transfer. You can submit your application by completing the in-year school application form.

Applying for a School in Another Authority

Applications for schools in another area should be submitted direct to the Local Authority in which your preferred schools are situated. You may wish to discuss availability of places and admission arrangements with the Admissions Team in the new authority. If your application is unsuccessful you will be offered a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

Applying for a School in Rotherham

  • Completed application forms for a place in a Rotherham school should be submitted via the Rotherham School Admissions Team who will liaise with your preferred school and write to you with the outcome of your request as soon as we have received a decision from your preferred school(s).
  • If there is more than one child on your application each child will be considered on an individual basis. If a child is offered a place in a school, it does not guarantee a place at that school for any other child in the family.
  • If you are not moving to a new house but wish your child to transfer school, please complete the in-year school application form. It is possible that your preferred school will contact your child’s current school on receipt of your application.
  • Brinsworth Academy, Dinnington High and St Mary’s Catholic Primary, (Maltby). Applications naming these three schools as a preference will be forwarded on to the schools for consideration. However, these schools will respond direct to parents/carers with the outcome of their application therefore any further enquiry should be made direct to the school.

Moving to a New Address

If you are moving, please apply in advance of your move to reduce the risk of your child being out of school while your application is processed. You will need to provide details of your new address and when you intend to move. You may be asked for proof of your new address. We will accept applications up to a term in advance.

If your child is moving to Rotherham from an address within another area, you should first notify your child’s current school or the local authority where you currently live to make them aware of your house move and that you are applying for a school in the Rotherham area. You should then complete the Rotherham in-year school application form.


The Admissions Team will record all in-year applications and will forward your application via secure email to your preferred school(s) for consideration.

  • Applications received will be forwarded to preferred schools as quickly as possible
  • Schools are required to respond to in-year applications within a maximum of 15 school days from receipt of the application. We kindly request that you allow this time before chasing your decisions.
  • It is not possible to process any applications received during school holidays until the schools have re-opened. Applications will be forwarded to the preferred schools for consideration at the start of the new term.
  • If you are requesting that your child starts at a new school at the beginning of an academic year, you are advised, where possible, to submit your application by the beginning of July. You can apply from 1 May.
  • In many cases a child will transfer to a new school only at the beginning of a new term, unless there is agreement by all concerned that the transfer should take place earlier. Until the transfer arrangements have been approved it is expected that your child will continue to attend their present school.

Particularly busy times for the Admissions Team and schools occur during March, April, July and September. This means that our contact telephone number will be extremely busy during these times. A voicemail service is available, we will respond to you as quickly as we can.

Fair Access Protocol

In response to the revised guidance contained within the Department for Education's School Admissions Code, the Rotherham Local Admissions Forum has agreed an In-Year Fair Access Protocol for the Rotherham area.

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In-year Fair Access Protocol

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