Smokefree Rotherham

Smokefree Toolkit

Rotherham Council’s 'Proud to be Smokefree Toolkit' supports the Council's aims to create a Smokefree generation in Rotherham.

This toolkit follows on from the success of the Council's Smokefree play parks initiative to 'make smoking invisible' to children.

Evidence shows that children are less likely to start smoking if they do not view the activity as a normal part of everyday life. As smoking becomes less visible and less socially acceptable it should reduce smoking uptake by young and new smokers.

The Schools Smokefree policy also promotes help to stop smoking support available from Get Healthy Rotherham; a specialist service for adults which can provide a range of support via telephone, face-to-face sessions and an online quit programme.

Stop Smoking – Rotherham Healthwave

Or call: 01709 718720 or self-refer by registering.