Council Plan theme - A cleaner, greener local environment

Our desired outcomes and how we will achieve them

The outcomes we will focus on

  • Increasing satisfaction with the cleanliness of the borough
  • Creating better transport systems for future generations 
  • Reducing the risk and impact of flooding and other environmental emergencies
  • Contributing to reducing carbon emissions across the borough

How we will get there

  • Ensure our streets are clean by providing an effective response to fly-tipping and littering, and continually improving our approach to street cleaning 
  • Continue to invest in our urban green spaces and country parks, maintaining our four Green Flag accredited parks, whilst aiming for additional accreditations
  • Complete masterplans for the borough’s three country parks, with an ambition to enhance services provided at these parks, whilst improving the appearance, cleanliness and welcome of our green spaces
  • Work with regional partners to deliver public transport improvements such as a new Tram-train stop at Magna, as well as longer term aims a railway station at Waverley and a new mainline station for Rotherham
  • Develop a new Cycling Strategy and invest in new cycleways across Rotherham 
  • Continue the roll out of public charging points to make electric vehicles a more viable option for residents and visitor
  • Deliver flood alleviation projects and work with communities and businesses to develop flood resilience measures in the worst-affected areas
  • Deliver a renewable energy generation project by 2025
  • Plant a minimum of 500 new trees every year
  • Encourage our suppliers to reduce their emissions through implementation of the Council’s Social Value Policy
  • Support residents to access nationally available insulation grants to improve energy efficiency


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