Council Plan theme - A cleaner, greener local environment

Performance measures

Ref Key performance indicators Good is Target 2022/23
EN01a Fly tipping and enviromental crime:
a) Effective enforcement actions; fly-tipping
High 37 plus
EN01b b) Effective enforcement actions;  other environmental crime High 2,000 (cumulative)
EN02 Proportion of waste sent for reuse (recycling and composting) High 45%
EN03 Number of street cleaning, grounds maintenance and waste official complaints and service requests Low 190 cumulative for year in the number of official complaints received
EN04 Carbon dioxide emission levels for the Council (for specific areas, for example operational buildings, street lighting) Low 18% reduction by 2023
EN05 Number of trees planted by the Council  High a) 5 Hectares b) 500 Trees
EN06 Proportion of council housing with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated C and above High New


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